Yesterday I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. It’s a relatively common condition so if like me, you’ve been going back and forward to the doctor for years with multiple health problems and no clear outcome, you may want to look into this. The diagnostic test used to confirm my condition was for the doctor to press on various points around my body. Most people will just feel pressure but someone with Fibromyalgia will feel pain.
For me, the condition manifests itself as constant pain and stiffness throughout my body, regular migraines and headaches, stomach upsets, insomnia, nausea, depression, dizziness, confusion, clumsiness, and sudden episodes of extreme exhaustion or weakness. The symptoms are aggravated by stress, lack of sleep or trying to do too much without enough rest. Exercising too much can also make things worse, as can massage therapy. There’s no cure but I can manage it with regular gentle exercise and making sure I take enough time to rest when I feel tired.

So this will impact my future travels quite a bit. I’m nervous about heading off on a six month trip with a heavy backpack while my body is being so annoying. I was looking forward to months of trekking in the Himalayas but now I’m figuring out a backup plan. Perhaps I should go stay in a mountaintop monastery and meditate with Tibetan monks? Or study yoga at an Indian Ashram? Or learn Ayurvedic medicine in Sri Lanka? Who knows where this all could lead me! Whatever the journey, I’ll let you know more as it all comes together.

Today is my last day in Iceland for six months. Tomorrow I fly to Manchester – home of the world pie eating championships and the curry mile! This marks the start of my journey through England and onto Asia. Let the adventures commence!

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