Spot a Red Arrow at Keflavik Arrivals Today

The world-famous Red Arrows begin their 2019 North American tour today with a stop off at Keflavik airport in Iceland. The Red Arrows schedule kicks off in Scampton, UK, stops over in Keflavik, then Narsarsuaq airport in southern Greenland before finally roaring off to Canada and USA. This will be their largest ever tour of North America with the red arrows covering 2,658 nautical miles over the next three days.


If you’ve never seen this incredible team in action it’s worth checking them out. I remember watching them at an air show in Weymouth when I was a child and they really made an impression. Who doesn’t get a thrill watching a flight of planes (yes that is the collective noun!) racing overhead, performing somersaults while multi-coloured smoke trails behind them? It’s thoroughly good fun so don’t miss out if you happen to be on their tour route.

Screen Shot 2019-08-05 at 10.42.04

Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

RAF Acrobatic Team schedule images from their Website

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