About Mel

Mel is a British solo female adventurer who lives in Iceland.

In the last decade, Mel has travelled to 70+ countries. She has hiked through the Nepalese Himalayas, across the stunning South Island of New Zealand, and over live volcanos in Central America. She has kayaked with whales in Alaska, snorkelled with hammerhead sharks in Belize and spotted pygmy elephants in the jungles of Borneo.

Mel has also been airlifted to hospital on two separate occasions, treated for a gangrenous leg in China and rescued by locals whilst being attacked by monkeys in India.

Mel is curious about the more unusual things in life, like interactive art installations, rolling around naked in the Icelandic midsummer dew, and taking time to chat with people that everyone else is ignoring.

Mel’s top 10 dream trips:

  1. Gaze in awe at the Moai statues on Easter Island
  2. Trek the Torres del Paine in Patagonia
  3. Kayak in Antarctica
  4. Hang out with Lemurs and chameleons in Madagascar
  5. Snorkle in Bora Bora
  6. Cycle the Mendoza vineyards of Argentina
  7. Run the Laugavegur ultra marathon in Iceland
  8. Sea swimming in Finland
  9. Hike Hadrian’s Wall in the UK
  10. Wander through the dead trees and ghost town of Namibia

Mel’s favourite trips so far:

  • Tasmania: Outstanding food, wonderful people, inspiring & crazy art
  • Nicaragua: Colourful architecture, cowboys in velvet suits, mind-blowing burritos
  • Alaska: Bears on beaches with icebergs, spouting whales, dramatic glacier calving
  • Italy: Food, iconic sites & art, food, easy to walk everywhere, food
  • NZ South Island: Fantastic wine, stunning scenery, friendly seals & dolphins
  • Westman Islands: Puffin madness, favourite restaurant in the world, volcano hiking
  • Japan: Relaxing onsen, sublime sushi, delightful weirdness
  • Vanuatu: Live volcanos, traditional land diving, conversations with locals
  • San Francisco: Iconic bridge, wonderfully walkable, city sea lions
  • India: Mind-blowing chaotic weirdness, magnificent Taj Mahal, flavorful food
  • Finland: Incredible art installations, sea swimming and saunas, horror mini-golf
  • St Petersburg: Stunning architecture, off-beat curious museums, bizarre Banyas

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