Journey through 21 countries in 365 Seconds

Happy 2019 and welcome to the new Postcards from Mel site! The last year was a wonderful whirlwind. It kicked off with an all-night gong ceremony in Iceland, getting marooned in a snowstorm in Taunton, and then escaping to the tropical heat of Singapore. By March I had arrived down under for a week in Melbourne... Continue Reading →

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Webcams in Helsinki: 10 Voyeuristic Viewpoints

If you value your privacy then it may shock you to know just how widely available web cam footage is in Finland. I'm quite puzzled at why so many live feeds would be publicly available but this is just a part of everyday life for the Finns. But if live feeds are your thing, then this is your ultimate list of webcams around Helsinki, plus three of the best outside of the city.

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What can I do for an hour in Poznan?

Poznan is well worth considering for your next weekend away. If you love cute and colourful architecture, cobblestone squares, and cafes this city is perfect for you. For art lovers, there's plenty of bold wall murals to see. And for chocolate lovers, the hot chocolate is insanely good! I only caught a glimpse on a super-short layover but I'll definitely be going back.

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