What happened in January?

Anyone who gave up on dry January after the first day will probably want to throw things at me by the end of this update because today I’m going to be all inspired and happy about my productive January!

But if it makes you feel better, I completely failed at giving up chocolate this month. In fact, I failed so hard that my local cafe began giving me free chocolate truffles as a thank you for ordering so many on a daily basis. Maybe it’s ok to fail sometimes…

But while my sugar resolutions plummeted out the window, my life goals went through the roof. And that’s what I want to celebrate in this post. Here’s a few things that went right in January.

1000 followers on Instagram!

This was a wonderful surprise considering I’d only set myself a goal of 500 followers!

I do wonder though… is it normal to have so many plastic surgeons following you?

Do they think I cover my face in selfies because I’m deformed? Or are they waiting for a bikini shot to pick apart? Or am I a vision of such perfection that they want to use me as a model?

Your guess is as good as mine. But whatever the reason, I’m just very grateful to everyone who’s taken the time to peruse my pics and ask for more!




My website is live!

Yes, that’s right… http://www.WheresMelNow.com is now live!

And lucky you, you’re reading it right now! Welcome! Thank you! I’m happy you’re here!

This site has actually been ready since October last year, but the perfectionist in me kept finding reasons not to publish it. When January rolled around I realised it was silly to post so readily on Facebook but not on my own blog site. I accepted that I was procrastinating and decided that the Mel of 2018 would be a Mel of action.

There’s still a bit of work to do and plenty of learning, but I’m pleased to have made the crucial step of just getting started. I do hope you’ll enjoy the journey as I post more and more of my adventures on here.

Stunning Winter Running!

Iceland makes it so difficult for New Years resolution-ers to meet their running goals! January is so cold that the coastal waters freeze over, storms pelt you with giant clumps of snow, the pavements become perilous ice slicks and the world stays dark for most of the day.

But there’s an enhanced satisfaction which comes with defying these barriers. An extra special thrill when you catch the electric-blue glow, just before sunrise at 11am. The fascination of watching an icy sea rocking back and forth against the shore. The strange orange light which engulfs you as snow reflects streetlights in the dark. The soft rhythmic crunch of your steps on fresh snow. The adrenaline-fuelled delight of almost slipping over but magically regaining your balance. And the relief that when you do fall over, it’s too dark for anyone to see!

Yes, January saw my return to running after a long bout of illness. My most important goal in 2018 is to focus on my health, and running is a massive part of that. It’s gone really well and I’ve loved it so much that I made a compilation video. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to go running in Reykjavik during the depths of winter then this will give you a tantalising taste…

Travel is booked!

It’s always so easy dreaming where to go. The hard part is actually booking everything and making it happen.

Travelling independently and on a backpackers budget can take weeks to research. Sifting through the best locations to stay, how to get around, how long it takes to get between places, what permits and visas are needed, and what the costs are is no mean feat. And then there’s the scouring the internet for cheap deals on flights and accommodation, before finally fitting it all together into an itinerary and actually getting it all booked.

Last year I learned that a one-way ticket with no clear plan sounds exciting but is a bad idea for me. I need guaranteed rest days otherwise I get sick. This year, I’ll be trying to balance out adventure with relaxation and have a return ticket for every leg of the journey.

Here’s what’s booked for the first half of 2018:

Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 13.31.01

And here’s a one-minute vid showing the upcoming journey:

Chapter One of my book is written!

Anyone following my Facebook activities may have noticed me signing up to some strange events lately. I heard there were a few raised eyebrows when I publicly signed up for free Tantra sessions and a cacao dance ceremony!

What started off as a blog idea turned into a book idea. And so, throughout the coming year, I shall be exploring unusual events happening in Iceland and writing a book about it. I’ve always loved seeking out the weirder things in life and discovered that there’s so many unexpected experiences to be had in Reykjavik. What better way to explore the world than to give these things a go and discover something new?

So far, I’ve been to an ‘all-night gong puja’ (sorry for the blurry snap – it was dark and not really the kind of place to take photos!)


And a ‘salt water cleansing ritual’ (again, not somewhere you take photos. All you need to know is that this pot was full of salt water and participants had to drink it).





Unfortunately, I got sick and had to cancel a ‘smut jam’ and a ‘sound bath’ but there doesn’t appear to be any shortage of other events to take their place – there’s so much interesting stuff going on in Iceland!

Goose Watch!

A perk of working from home is watching the gaggle of wild geese weather out the winter, outside my window. Whenever I fancy some fresh air and a break from the laptop I take a little wander around my apartment block to say hello. If you enjoy animal vids then you can enjoy a glimpse of life as a pink-footed goose around my Reykjavik apartment block here:

Oh, and I’ve started an Online MBA

One thing I’ve really missed since quitting my office job is having an inspiring team around me. And I’ve been surprised to find myself craving some structure and accountability as I begin my travel writing career. So I signed up for an online MBA to motivate me, build a strong network, and to help me adjust to this massive career change. It’s a 12-month programme so this time next year I expect to be fully in the swing of things.





I’ve set myself a goal for next January – if I manage to generate an income in 2018 then I will book a trip to Easter Island. This is one of my (currently unaffordable) dream destinations, and one hell of a goal to aim for! It’s a busy and exciting year ahead!

In Other News…

Whilst figuring out my own direction I’ve been looking for inspiration and positive vibes. Heres a few things that made me smile during January:

This brilliant instagram account:

Chinventures – the girl chinning her way around the world!

Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 13.43.11

This inspiring and colourful blog:

The Local Adventurers – A couple who move to and explore a new city every year

Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 13.57.01

The work of this organisation:

How the Iceland Forest Service is growing forests for the first time in 10,000 years


And finally, this mind-blowing pearl of wisdom:

Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 14.09.59

Thanks for reading! See you next time!

6 thoughts on “What happened in January?

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  1. Wow what an amazing first month. Really looking forward to following all of your trips around the world these next few months. It is rough with a tight budget. I wish I could travel more but buying tickets for four people is much harder then for just one. 😦 Have fun. Can’t wait to see your pictures and all of your adventures.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, I can imagine. Four people must surely be expensive! If you haven’t already looked into it, then house sitting might be a more affordable option. I’m trying it for the first time this year and it’s made my trip a lot cheaper. I will definitely do it again.
      Thanks for the support Jessica 🙂


  2. I loved reading this, I am so excited for you and your adventures both at home and abroad! I am definitely interested to see more of the events you attend, looks like some fascinating things going on!

    I’m quite envious of your trips, I haven’t had the means to travel in years but I hope to change that this year! I even plan to visit your neck of the woods if possible!

    Good luck in these and all other endeavors!


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