And it begins…

Four Years at CCP

For the first two years, I lived on Klapparstigur. This is how everything looked when I first moved in. Just imagine trying to get furniture into an apartment when the entire road is being dug up for months!

But the views in the morning were incredible… Even now my heart skips a beat thinking about how it felt to see this from my window every day.

Or how I felt when I saw this for the first time!

In the meantime, they were still building this apartment block next to CCP.

Within a few weeks of starting, I got to go on the CCP Turkey trip. Lucky Asa got to share a room with me and never judged me for rolling in at 6am every morning!

Back then the HR team was quite different… does anyone remember these faces?

A year later the awesome Unnur joined us…

And then there was Nexus… We celebrated the launch with archery and sushi!

In the last four years, there’s been a lot of Fanfest action

One Fanfest even included an eclipse!

And don’t forget the great unveiling of the CCP monument in Reykjavik

There’s also been lots of hiking…

So much wonderful hiking!!!

And some pretty awesome HR Team summits

There’s been parties

And dogs

and plenty of random post-it artwork lying around in meeting rooms (I have no idea who drew this but I’d really like to find out!)

In the last four years we’ve opened up a new office in London

been awestruck by VR

And filled endless whiteboards with our thoughts

I experienced the legendary trip to Sitges

And had my 40th birthday

There’s been laziness

And craziness

and there’s even been lots of runs through mud and freezing water

The last four years have been quite incredible. CCP is like no other workplace. Iceland is like no other country. The HR team is like no other team I’ve ever worked with. Thank you, everyone, who made my time here special. I will miss you loads!

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