Venturing to Vanuatu, Touring Tasmania, Swinging by Singapore… Here’s what’s in store for 2018!

This is a tropical archipelago boasting live, lava-spewing volcanoes, it’s a place where cannibals feasted on eager missionaries until fairly recently, where dugongs casually snuffle along the ocean bed, and where the local tribesmen demonstrate their masculinity by bungee jumping, naked, from a scaffold with only a vine tied around their ankles.

Well I’ve arrived, but not without incident. Both my credit and debit cards have been declined. After 35 minutes on the phone to my bank the cards still don’t work. I am penniless in Nepal and shall go to bed without any supper  It’s a good job my hostel was kind enough to loan me... Continue Reading →

If anyone finds a pile of knickers in the street they're mine! I bought a bunch of pants from Victoria's secret to keep me going on my trip. But all I have to show for it is a rain soaked bag with the bottom missing!

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