Don’t break the rules in Bologna!

There’s a bewildering pointlessness to rule enforcement in Bologna. Last night I couldn’t find the exit in a shop so I went out via the entrance. I was already out in the street when a security guard came running out to confront me. He went full Italian stereotype on me, hands waving dramatically, yelling at the top of his voice and a few “Mama Mias” thrown in for good measure. I’m pretty sure I caught the word “Stupido” somewhere in there too. When he was sure every person within 100 metres was staring, I was marched back into the shop like a criminal and made to leave by the proper exit.

Then today, when I caught a cab to the airport, I got into the backseat with my backpack. After I’d shut the door and was putting my seatbelt on, the driver got most upset with me. After shouting at me for a bit he got out, came tearing around the car, opened my door and insisted that I get out. Then he heaved the pack back out of the back seat and threw it in the boot.

He was so furious with me! He slammed his door shut when he got back in and drove like a lunatic all the way to departures. Honestly, I’m glad to have made it to the airport in one piece.


So anyway, next stop Lisbon where I hope that Latin spirit comes in a less intimidating form!

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  1. LoL! I work for two Italian brothers of Sicilian Heritage here in the States. True…they are Italian Americans but believe me…’s no different for Italian Americans than it is in Bologna! I’m surprised they didn’t throw a “CAPICHE?” in there one or two times! (Like I’ve heard so many times!)

    In Italy it would be spelled ‘Capisce’ but in the US it’s often spelled ‘Capiche’ (Ka-PEESH?) and it means “Get It?” or “Understand?” and should be said in a derogatory tone that screams “Understand you idiot?” You have to have thick skin to work with these guys. I’ve been doing it for years. I don’t take it personal. If you DO take it personal that’s a whole other situation that you will be chided for because ‘Real Men’ don’t take it personal, they ‘forget about it’ and move on in about 30 seconds! Hence, another Italian catch phrase….FUGGEDABOUDIT!

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  2. Mel, you have no idea! Hey….I really enjoy your blog. Living vicariously through you! When I was 19 I travelled to Spain and Morocco with a bunch of guys but we wasted so many opportunities! (being 19 yr old guys you can imagine…) Since then, nothing. Well…I used to dip down into Mexico when I lived in San Diego but I don’t count that. Again…those were just excuses to party…not serious travel like you do. Maybe someday! You inspire me, Mel! Keep on truckin’ !!

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    1. Bobby, thank you so much for such a nice comment! I can certainly imagine the missed opportunities of a group of 19 year old lads! But no regrets, right? Partying has it’s place 🙂
      Thanks for following. I hope I keep you inspired!


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