10 Cool & Quirky Airbnbs near Helsinki – 2018

If you’re looking for somewhere different to stay whilst visiting Helsinki, there’s some cool alternative options on Airbnb. These are 10 of the quirkier properties you can choose around the Helsinki area.

The Log Cabin

Situated 40 minutes outside the city, this traditional log cabin offers a fireplace for toasting marshmallows, a hammock in the garden and a sauna.

Where: Vantaa, Finland

Cost: £66 per night

The Houseboat

Stay on a houseboat in the centre of Helsinki and wake up to views of the harbour and waterfront. Optional extras include a walking tour with the captain, a rooftop terrace and sauna.

Where: Helsinki city centre

Cost: £99 per night

The Sauna Ferry

35km outside of Helsinki you can stay on this cute ‘Saunaferry’. Complete your authentic Finnish sauna experience by taking a swim in the lake, then sitting on the tiny terrace watching birds nesting and enjoying the silence.

Where: Haikara

Cost: £103 per night

The Private Island

One hour outside Helsinki you can rent a cabin on a tiny private island. Relax in the outdoors hot tub, cosy up in front of the fireplace, bask on the private beach or take the boat out for a spin.

Where: Raasepori
Cost: £134 per night

The Artist’s Studio

Set in a 1920s wooden house, this tiny artist’s studio is full of character. Illustrations by the owner hang on the wall, curious objects are carefully laid out on the dresser and the stove has original old tiles.

Where: Helsinki
Cost: £36 per night

The Design Studio

Looking like something out of Grand Designs, this compact modern studio has floor to ceiling windows and a wooden terrace in a forest garden. Keep an eye out for deer and rabbits wandering around while you prepare for a sauna.

Where: Espoo
Cost: £45 per night

The Luxury Trailer

If you’re on a budget or can’t resist the novelty value of staying in a trailer then this is the perfect place to stay. My favorite bit of the advertised description is:
“Toilet of course can be used inside the trailer for urinating or if a “number 2 emergency” occurs.”
True luxury indeed!

Where: Helsingfors
Cost: £17 per night

The Bed in the Roof

This cabin in a scenic location outside Helsinki comes with bicycles, kayaks and it’s own private pier. A tiny little sleeping space has been built up in the roof so you can feel all cosy and hidden away.

Where: Espoo
Cost: £89 per night

The UNESCO Heritage Apartment

Just like staying in a museum, this UNESCO Heritage apartment is decorated with antique furniture and is situated on a fortress island with cobbled streets.

Where: Suomenlinna
Cost: £54 per night

The Catamaran

Get a brief taste of yacht life when you stay on this well equipped catamaran. There is even the possibility of chartering the boat to get a full sailing experience.

Where: Helsingfors
Cost: £54 per night
If you’re not already an Airbnb member you can get £20 off your first booking when you use this link.
*Please note that this is an affiliate link. When you use it to join Airbnb you will receive £20 off your first stay and I will also receive a credit. This helps fund the writing I do about interesting travel experiences.

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