What is it like to run during the Winter in Reykjavik?

Iceland makes it so difficult for New Years resolution-ers to meet their running goals! January is so cold that the coastal waters freeze over, storms pelt you with giant clumps of snow, the pavements become perilous ice slicks and the world stays dark for most of the day.

But there’s an enhanced satisfaction which comes with defying these barriers. An extra special thrill when you catch the electric-blue glow, just before sunrise at 11am. The fascination of watching an icy sea rocking back and forth against the shore. The strange orange light which engulfs you as snow reflects streetlights in the dark. The soft rhythmic crunch of your steps on fresh snow. The adrenaline-fuelled delight of almost slipping over but magically regaining your balance. And the relief that when you do fall over, it’s too dark for anyone to see!

Yes, January saw my return to running after a long bout of illness. My most important goal in 2018 is to focus on my health, and running is a massive part of that. It’s gone really well and I’ve loved it so much that I made a compilation video. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to go running in Reykjavik during the depths of winter then this will give you a tantalising taste…

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