Altitude Sickness stops play!

It’s been a dramatic morning! I’m writing this from a hospital in Kathmandu after being heli-lifted down from the mountains.

I felt like such a diva being carried up to the helicopter pad by two delicious young men. I’d lost all ability to walk, was struggling for breath and shaking uncontrollably. But I’ll admit I rather enjoyed myself when one of them sat me down on a rock and vigorously rubbed me all over. And especially when he wrapped his muscular arms around me and held me while we waited for the helicopter to land. At that point, I did consider that if this is how my life might end then there are worse ways to go!

But the good news is that I’m in a stable condition and already feeling much better than I did up at Thorong Phedi a few hours ago. The hospital is amazing. I have my own ensuite room, a wonderfully caring, kindly nurse, and my own waiter. I’ve just ordered a vegetable chowmein. Hopefully, my appetite will return enough to eat it.

I’ve not been given an official diagnosis but I suspect I’m either suffering from altitude sickness or hypothermia. Maybe both? Even though I’m back in the tropical heat of Kathmandu valley I’m still wearing every piece of thermal clothing I own but still can’t get warm. I’m sweating like crazy but they haven’t been able to take a blood sample because my skin is too cold. I believe they will keep me in overnight and then I’ll be cast out into Kathmandu to spend my days searching for working ATMs.

More updates to come!

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