Safe and Sound again!

I have money!!!!

I am SO relieved. I got up first thing and worked my way through every atm in town using both my cards. Each atm either timed out, told me my transaction was cancelled, that my pin wasn’t valid or that my card wasn’t valid. I suspected that both my cards had been cancelled and so I started scouting out Western Unions after so many kind people had offered to transfer emergency cash.

It was then that I saw an ATM busy with lines of tourists. Above read the sign ‘Western Union’. It seemed like an oasis in my desert… mustering up a final smither of optimism I tried my debit card – pin not valid. I tried my credit card – the screen froze and my card was returned. Suddenly I could hear a busy whirring coming from the machine and as if by magic, a neat pile of lovely banks notes appeared. There’s nothing that beats that feeling of pure relief and joy!

And nothing is so demoralizing than finally affording to eat for the first time in over 24 hours and it being awful! I walked into the nearest cafe and ordered a pancake with yoghurt and fruit. It looked amazing when it turned up. But when I took my first grateful mouthful, there was a taste so disgusting I actually heaved a little. But I was so desperate for food, that I just ate as much as I could of the pancake and left the filling.

So for now, I am thoroughly happy to have money, a roof over my head, at least a little bit of food in me (The watermelon juice was good!) And incredible friends who are willing to help me out when I’m in a pickle! I’m very grateful!

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