Journey to Bulgaria

I’ve arrived after some of the scariest turbulence I can ever remember. At one point we dropped so far and so suddenly that we were all lifted off our seats in what felt like eternal suspended animation. I half expected oxygen masks to drop down. If you’ve ever questioned why they make you wear seat belts on planes, THAT is why!

I was driven to the hotel by a taxi driver who I suspect was a Labrador puppy in a previous life. You’d be hard pressed to find another human so enthusiastic about his job or practising English. Sadly his ability to locate the final destination was a bit lacking. I was dropped off in the middle of a rainy deserted street at 3am and left to figure out the rest of the way on my own. I hadn’t realised Bulgarian text is a bit like Greek and doesn’t use English characters. So if he was having trouble finding the place it hardly bode well for me!

After wandering around the block a few times a little lady appeared from the shadows and shouted “Eeshland?” At me over and over. I tried to explain that my name is Melanie but she was having none of it. I submitted and gratefully followed her into an apartment block where I will now grab a few hours sleep.

I only have 12 hours here. I plan to be up early and make the most of it!


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